Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016)

No. 4


Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 1-6download PDF
Extracellular ATP: a potential molecule regulating the defence response of plants to biotic stresses – a review
Lingyun Jia, Jingyue Bai, Dongdong Guan, Kun Sun, Qingsong Jiao, Hanqing Feng
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 221-228abstractdownload PDF
History, presence and perspective of using plant extracts as commercial botanical insecticides and farm products for protection against insects – a review
Roman Pavela
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 229-241abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Postulation of seedling stem rust resistance genes of Yunnan wheat cultivars in China
Tian-ya Li, Xian-xin Wu, Xiao-feng Xu, Wan-lin Wang, Yuan-yin Cao
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 242-249abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication
First confirmed report on Fusarium sporotrichioides on Pinus ponderosa var. jeffreyi in Slovakia
Helena Ivanová, Ľudmila Hrehová, Peter Pristaš
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 250-253abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Length of prematurity period in wheat cultivars determines maximum cereal aphid abundance
Martina Trávníčková, Kateřina Pánková, Zdenka Martinková, Alois Honěk
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 254-261abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Impact of potato psyllid density and timing of infestation on Zebra chip disease expression in potato plants

Feng Gao, Zi-Hua Zhao, John Jifon, Tong-Xian Liu
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 262-269abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Monitoring infestations of oak forests by Tortrix viridana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) using remote sensing
Leila Gooshbor, Mahtab Pir Bavaghar, Jamil Amanollahi, Hamed Ghobari
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 270-276abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication
First record of Dendroctonus micans (Kugelann, 1794) on non-native spruces in Slovakia – short communication
Jozef Vakula, Milan Zúbrik, Juraj Galko, Andrej Gubka, Andrej Kunca, Ján Pavlík, Christo Nikolov
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 277-282abstractdownload PDF
Book Review
V. Kůdela: Profese rostlinolékaře: Uvedení do studia rostlinolékařství – Plant Health Science and Management Profession: Introduction in Plant Health Science and Management (in Czech with English summary) – book review
Aleš Lebeda
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 283-284download PDF

No. 3
Causal agents of stone fruit diseases in Slovenia and the potential for diminishing their economic impact – a review
Ivan Žežlina, Mojca Rot, Milica Kač, Stanislav Trdan
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 149-157abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Investigation on the incidence of Plum pox virus in fruit nurseries of the Czech Republic
Jaroslav Polák, Petr Komínek
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 158-163abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Pea streak virus recorded in Europe
Tatiana Sarkisova, Martina Bečková, Jana Fránová, Karel Petrzik
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 164-166abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Isolation and identification of antifungal compounds produced by Bacillus Y-IVI for suppressing Fusarium wilt of muskmelon
Qingyun Zhao, Xinlan Mei, Yangchun Xu
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 167-175abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Identification of Phytophthora species by a high resolution melting analysis: an innovative tool for rapid differentiation
Antonios Zambounis, Anastasios Samaras, Aliki Xanthopoulou, Maslin Osathanunkul, Leonardo Schena, Athanasios Tsaftaris, Panagiotis Madesis
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 176-181abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication

First Report of Plasmopara halstedii New Races 705 and 715 on sunflower from the Czech Republic – Short Communication

Michaela Sedlářová, Romana Pospíchalová, Zuzana Drábková Trojanová, Tomáš Bartůšek, Lucie Slobodianová, Aleš Lebeda
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 182-187abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Biological control of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary, the causal agent of white mould disease in red cabbage, by some bacteria
Elif Tozlu, Parisa Mohammadi, Merve Senol Kotan, Hayrunnisa Nadaroglu, Recep Kotan
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 188-198abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Natural prevalence of entomopathogenic fungi in hibernating pupae of Cameraria ohridella (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) and virulence of selected isolates
Robert Schemmer, Petra Chládeková, Juraj Medo, Marek Barta
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 199-208abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of two host plants, Helianthus annuus L. and Sinapis arvensis L., on life table parameters of Nysius cymoides (Spinola) (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae) under laboratory conditions

Mehdi Mollashahi, Ahad Sahragard, Jafar Mohaghegh, Reza Hosseini, Hossein Sabouri
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 209-216abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication
First record of the cottony cushion scale Icerya purchasi (Hemiptera, Monophlebidae) in Slovakia – short communication
Ján Kollár, Ladislav Bakay, Michal Pástor
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 217-219abstractdownload PDF

No. 2
Clubroot caused by Plasmodiophora brassicae Wor.: a review of emerging serious disease of oilseed rape in the Czech Republic
V. Říčařová, J. Kazda, K. Singh, P. Ryšánek
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 71-86abstractdownload PDF
Management strategies for western flower thrips in vegetable greenhouses in Iran: a review
Z. Gholam, A. Sadeghi
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 87-98abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Varied expression pattern of the small heat shock protein gene encoding HSP17.7 against UVA, UVB, Cu2+ and Zn2+ stresses in sunflower
İ. Büyük, S. Aras, D. Cansaran-Duman
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 99-106abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication
Effect of gamma irradiation on Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000 – short communication
R.-D. Jeong, E.-H. Chu, G.W. Lee, J.M. Park, H.-J. Park
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 107-112abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Medicinal plant extracts and protein kinase C inhibitor suppress zoosporogenesis and impair motility of Phytophthora capsici zoospores
M.W.R. Ansary, E. Hoque, H.M. West, M.M. Rahman, A.M. Akanda, Y. Wang, M.T. Islam
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 113-122abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Heritability of powdery mildew and scab resistance within apple progenies
J. Blažek, L. Zelený, J. Křelinová
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 123-127abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Susceptibility of field and laboratory strains of Cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) to spinosad pesticide under laboratory conditions
M.A.I. Ahmed, S.A.H. Temerak, F.A.-K. Abdel-Galil, S.H.M. Manna
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 128-133abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Comparative efficacy of classical and biorational insecticides on sugar beet weevil, Bothynoderes punctiventris Germar (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)
R. Bažok, M. Šatvar, I. Radoš, Z. Drmić, D. Lemić, M. Čačija, H. Virić Gašparić
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 134-141abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication
The first record of tulip tree aphid, Illinoia liriodendri (Hemiptera: Aphididae), from Slovakia – short communication
J. Kollár, M. Barta
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 142-146abstractdownload PDF
Biographical Notice
Doc Dr Alois Honěk, CSc. – seventy
V. Stejskal
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 147-148download PDF

No. 1
Original Paper
Recent approaches for controlling downy mildew of cucumber under greenhouse conditions
A. Mohamed, A. Hamza, A. Derbalah
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 1-9abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Antifungal activities of Chaetomium spp. against Fusarium wilt of tea
N. Huu Phong, W. Pongnak, K. Soytong
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 10-17abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Comparison of two Coniochaeta species (C. ligniaria and Cmalacotricha) with a new pathogen of black pine needles – Sordaria macrospora
H. Ivanová, P. Pristaš, E. Ondrušková
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 18-25abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Projections of climate-induced future range shifts among fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) species in Uganda
C. Masembe, B.E. Isabirye, I. Rwomushana, C.K. Nankinga, A.M. Akol
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 26-34abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Synergism of entomopathogenic fungus, Metarhizium anisopliae incorporated with fipronil against oil palm pest subterranean termite, Coptotermes curvignathus
J.E. Yii, C.F.J. Bong, J.H.P. King, J. Kadir
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 35-44abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Trapping of internal and external feeding stored grain beetle pests with two types of pitfall traps: a two-year field study
R. Aulicky, V. Stejskal, Z. Kucerova, P. Trematerra
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 45-53abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Acaricidal properties of extracts of some medicinal and culinary plants against Tetranychus urticae Koch.
R. Pavela
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 54-63abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Inhibiting effect of shallow seed burial on grass weed emergence
D. Loddo, V.P. Vasileiadis, R. Masin, M.C. Zuin, G. Zanin
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 64-69abstractdownload PDF
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Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 70-70download PDF

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