Plant Protect. Sci., 58 (2022)

No. 3

Role of nanoparticles in management of plant pathogens and scope in plant transgenics for imparting disease resistance

Aflaq Hamid, Sahar Saleemorcid
Plant Protect. Sci., 58 (2022): 173-184abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of endophytic bacterium, Stenotrophomonas maltophilia JVB5 on sunflowers

Bartholomew Saanu Adelekeorcid , Ayansina Ayangbenroorcid , Olubukola Oluranti Babalolaorcid
Plant Protect. Sci., 58 (2022): 185-198abstractdownload PDFsupplementary material
Original Paper

The fungal community of wheat phyllosphere was affected by the co-occurrence of stripe rust and powdery mildew

Zhikai Dong, Shixian Pu, Yan Chen, Guizhi Qi, Xiaoxiao Zhang, Ruiming Lin, Lin Liuorcid , Chenyun Li
Plant Protect. Sci., 58 (2022): 199-212abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

In vitro compatibility of entomopathogenic fungus, Cladosporium cladosporioides with three plant extracts

Md. Touhidul Islam, Md. Anowarul Haque, Nur Uddin Mahmud, Md. Tofazzal Islam, Depali Rani Gupta
Plant Protect. Sci., 58 (2022): 213-219abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Problems in cabbage stem weevil control (Ceutorhynchus pallidacytlus Marsh.) in winter oilseed rape

Marek Seidenglanzorcid , Jaroslav Šafář, María Muñoz Arbeález, Petr Heděnec, Eva Hrudová, Romana Bajerová, Pavel Kolařík
Plant Protect. Sci., 58 (2022): 220-233abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Degree-day risk thresholds for predicting the occurrence of Anarsia lineatella, Grapholita molesta and Adoxophyes orana in northern Greece peach orchards

Petros Damosorcid , Polyxeni Soulopoulou, Dimitrios Gouderis, Dimitrios Monastiridis, Marianna Vrettou, Dimitrios Sakellariou, Thomas Thomidis
Plant Protect. Sci., 58 (2022): 234-244abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Early flowering field pea variety (Pisum sativum L.) as a trap crop for pea weevils (Bruchus pisorum L.)

Marek Seidenglanzorcid , María Muñoz Arbeález, Eliška Ondráčková, Petr Heděnec, Romana Bajerová, Jaroslav Šafář
Plant Protect. Sci., 58 (2022): 245-257abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication

Cytospora friesii and Sydowia polyspora are associated with the sudden dieback of Abies concolor in Southern Europe

Jelena Lazarevicorcid , Audrius Menkisorcid
Plant Protect. Sci., 58 (2022): 258-263abstractdownload PDFsupplementary material
Short Communication

Entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae (strain NCAIM 362) effects on soil inhabiting Melolontha melolontha (Coleoptera) and Duponchelia fovealis (Lepidoptera) larvae in sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.)

Barna Putnoky-Csicsó, Ferenc Tóth, János Bálint, Endre Kentelky, Klára Benedek, Ciprian George Fora, Imre-István Nyárádi, Adalbert Balogorcid
Plant Protect. Sci., 58 (2022): 264-268abstractdownload PDF
Biographical Notice

Obituary of Professor Ing. Václav Kůdela, DrSc. (1936–2022)

Aleš Lebedaorcid
Plant Protect. Sci., 58 (2022): 269-271abstractdownload PDF

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