Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016)

No. 4


Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 1-6download PDF
Extracellular ATP: a potential molecule regulating the defence response of plants to biotic stresses – a review
Lingyun Jia, Jingyue Bai, Dongdong Guan, Kun Sun, Qingsong Jiao, Hanqing Feng
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 221-228abstractdownload PDF
History, presence and perspective of using plant extracts as commercial botanical insecticides and farm products for protection against insects – a review
Roman Pavela
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 229-241abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Postulation of seedling stem rust resistance genes of Yunnan wheat cultivars in China
Tian-ya Li, Xian-xin Wu, Xiao-feng Xu, Wan-lin Wang, Yuan-yin Cao
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 242-249abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication
First confirmed report on Fusarium sporotrichioides on Pinus ponderosa var. jeffreyi in Slovakia
Helena Ivanová, Ľudmila Hrehová, Peter Pristaš
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 250-253abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Length of prematurity period in wheat cultivars determines maximum cereal aphid abundance
Martina Trávníčková, Kateřina Pánková, Zdenka Martinková, Alois Honěk
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 254-261abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Impact of potato psyllid density and timing of infestation on Zebra chip disease expression in potato plants

Feng Gao, Zi-Hua Zhao, John Jifon, Tong-Xian Liu
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 262-269abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Monitoring infestations of oak forests by Tortrix viridana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) using remote sensing
Leila Gooshbor, Mahtab Pir Bavaghar, Jamil Amanollahi, Hamed Ghobari
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 270-276abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication
First record of Dendroctonus micans (Kugelann, 1794) on non-native spruces in Slovakia – short communication
Jozef Vakula, Milan Zúbrik, Juraj Galko, Andrej Gubka, Andrej Kunca, Ján Pavlík, Christo Nikolov
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 277-282abstractdownload PDF
Book Review
V. Kůdela: Profese rostlinolékaře: Uvedení do studia rostlinolékařství – Plant Health Science and Management Profession: Introduction in Plant Health Science and Management (in Czech with English summary) – book review
Aleš Lebeda
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 283-284download PDF

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