Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016)

No. 1
Original Paper
Recent approaches for controlling downy mildew of cucumber under greenhouse conditions
A. Mohamed, A. Hamza, A. Derbalah
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 1-9abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Antifungal activities of Chaetomium spp. against Fusarium wilt of tea
N. Huu Phong, W. Pongnak, K. Soytong
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 10-17abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Comparison of two Coniochaeta species (C. ligniaria and Cmalacotricha) with a new pathogen of black pine needles – Sordaria macrospora
H. Ivanová, P. Pristaš, E. Ondrušková
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 18-25abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Projections of climate-induced future range shifts among fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) species in Uganda
C. Masembe, B.E. Isabirye, I. Rwomushana, C.K. Nankinga, A.M. Akol
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 26-34abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Synergism of entomopathogenic fungus, Metarhizium anisopliae incorporated with fipronil against oil palm pest subterranean termite, Coptotermes curvignathus
J.E. Yii, C.F.J. Bong, J.H.P. King, J. Kadir
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 35-44abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Trapping of internal and external feeding stored grain beetle pests with two types of pitfall traps: a two-year field study
R. Aulicky, V. Stejskal, Z. Kucerova, P. Trematerra
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 45-53abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Acaricidal properties of extracts of some medicinal and culinary plants against Tetranychus urticae Koch.
R. Pavela
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 54-63abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Inhibiting effect of shallow seed burial on grass weed emergence
D. Loddo, V.P. Vasileiadis, R. Masin, M.C. Zuin, G. Zanin
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 64-69abstractdownload PDF
List of Reviewers - 2015
Plant Protect. Sci., 52 (2016): 70-70download PDF

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