Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009)

No. 2

The myth of organic agriculture

Zvonko Pacanoski
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 39-48abstractdownload PDF

Assessing the suitability of morphological and phenotypical traits to screen sesame accessions for resistance to Fusarium wilt and charcoal rot diseases

Mohamed Abd El-Hamid Sayied El-Bramawy M A E-H, Salah El-Sayed El-Hendawy, Waleed Ibrahim Shaban
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 49-58abstractdownload PDF

Insect damage to and mortality of seedlings of Chenopodium album L. and Fallopia convolvulus (L.) Á.Löve

Jindra Štolcová
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 59-65abstractdownload PDF

Effect of plant essential oils on mortality of the stem nematode (Ditylenchus dipsaci)

Miloslav Zouhar, Ondřej Douda, David Lhotský, Roman Pavela
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 66-73abstractdownload PDF

Chalara fraxinea – ash dieback in the Czech Republic

Libor Jankovský, Otmar Holdenrieder
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 74-78abstractdownload PDF

A. Lebeda, P.T.N. Spencer-Phillips, B.M. Cooke (eds) – The Downy Mildews – Genetics, Molecular Biology and Control

Karel Veverka
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 79-80download PDF

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