Plant Protect. Sci., 38 (2002)

No. 3

Control of target spot of tomato with fungicides, systemic acquired resistance activators, and a biocontrol agent

Ken Pernezny, Peter Stoffella, Janice Collins, Amanda Carroll, Audrey Beaney
Plant Protect. Sci., 38 (2002): 81-88abstractdownload PDF

Occurrence and harmful effects of Gymnosporangium sabinae (Dicks.) Winter in Slovak Republc

Gabriela Juhásová, Ján Praslička
Plant Protect. Sci., 38 (2002): 89-93abstractdownload PDF

Growth of mycelia of phytopathogenic fungi after application of abscisic acid in in vitro conditions

Anton Janitor
Plant Protect. Sci., 38 (2002): 94-97abstractdownload PDF

Distribution of Plum pox virus in the Czech Republic    

Jaroslav Polák
Plant Protect. Sci., 38 (2002): 98-101abstractdownload PDF

Weight losses of wheat grain caused by psocid infestation (Liposcelis bostrychophila: Liposcelididae: Psocoptera)

Zuzana Kučerová
Plant Protect. Sci., 38 (2002): 103-107abstractdownload PDF

Management of major insect pests of rice in Tanzania – Review

Olalekan Oyeleke Banwo
Plant Protect. Sci., 38 (2002): 108-113abstractdownload PDF

The first record of Diabrotica virgifera virgifera (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) from the CzechRepublic – New and Unusually Reports

Otmar Vahala, Jan Bezděk
Plant Protect. Sci., 38 (2002): 114-114download PDF
The 6th European conference on fungal genetics
L. Věchet
Plant Protect. Sci., 38 (2002): 115-115download PDF
Seventieth birthday of Ing. Vladimír Řehák, CSc. – Biographical Notice
J. Šedivý
Plant Protect. Sci., 38 (2002): 116-116download PDF

Jeng-Sheng HUANG – Plant Pathogenesis and Resistance. Biochemistry and Physiology of Plant-Microbe Interactions – Book Review

Aleš Lebeda
Plant Protect. Sci., 38 (2002): 117-117download PDF

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