Manuscript submission – template files

To help you format your files, we’ve created templates in Microsoft Word.
Please use these templates for the submission of your manuscript to the CAAS journals.

Title page template: download
Manuscript file template: download
Accompanying letter template: download

Manuscript submission

The manuscript should be submitted in the form of two main separate text files: Title page and the Manuscript file (title, abstract content text, tables and figures).

Title page should include type of the document (original paper, review, short communication, case study), manuscript title, names of all authors in order they will be published in the article (in format first name, surname), authors affiliations, corresponding author email, dedication and acknowledgement.

 Manuscript file should be blinded:

  • The authors are fully responsible for the manuscript (and its revised versions) anonymization.
  • Names of authors, emails and affiliations must be removed.
  • Don’t mention any dedications or acknowledgments. 
  • Don’t add any page headers or footers that would identify you.
  • Avoid, or try to minimize, any self-citation. If you have cited your own work, make sure you’ve referred to your own references in the third person, e.g. write “Novak and White (2007) have demonstrated”, not “We have previously demonstrated (Nova, White 2007)”.
  • Remove all personal identifiers from your files such as MicrosoftTM Word® documents and other attachments (figures, tables). Instrictions how to remove the file personal identifiers can be found for example on this web.


Accompanying letter template – should be used in the time of the submission of the revised version of the manuscript.

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