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Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences will use a new electronic submission system ACTAVIA after January 1, 2023

Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the greatest publisher of scientific agricultural journals, will use a new electronic submission system ACTAVIA.

The publishing board of the CAAS announces that after January 1, 2023 all journals published by the CAAS will use a new electronic submission system ACTAVIA, which has been tested in the course of this year and which has been in the live operation of one of our journals since November 1. Compared to the previous one the new electronic submission system offers to the publishing house and all its users the functionalities that will allow continuous development of user friendliness and development of journals. User manuals have been created for all our authors, reviewers, members of editorial boards and editorial offices that will help you to submit your manuscript to the electronic submission system and its administration.

We believe that you, the authors, will accept this change in a positive way and that it will stimulate you to still more frequent submissions of your original papers with results of scientific activity to our renowned journals. Don’t hesitate to visit the websites of our journals. Don’t hesitate to address any questions to the editorial offices of particular journals, please.

prof. Ing. Radim Vácha, Ph.D.

Chairmen of the Publishing Board of CAAS

Agricultural EconomicsIF
Czech Journal of
Animal Science

Czech Journal of
Food Sciences

Czech Journal of Genetics
and Plant Breeding

Horticultural ScienceIF

Journal of Forest ScienceSJR

Plant Protection ScienceIF

Plant, Soil
and Environment

Research in
Agricultural Engineering

Soil and Water ResearchIF

Veterinární MedicínaIF


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